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Life Coach & Disciplinarian

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I think that what I provide is unique in that it is something that can't really be found anywhere else in one's adult life.  Once sex enters a relationship, the dynamics completely change.  This is the only type of arrangement where a person can feel cared for and held accountable, just like when he/she was young.  So, it is definitely not uncommon; many people seek this.
I have been a spanko since I was a little girl.  My earliest memory is age 5, when I saw a spanking scene on t.v.  I was not spanked growing up so I have no point of reference for my interest.  I just have it.  I was a bottom for 13 years, and still have a disciplinarian today.  My husband is vanilla, but I am fortunate that he understands my interest, my need and the needs of others.
As for why I do this, well, that's complicated a little.  I have always been a nurturer, even when I was little, and now that I am older and have had three kids of my own, I think it is even stronger in me to "take care" of people.  I have this ability to care about people I don't even know well, you know?  I care whether or not they succeed and if they are happy in their lives.  So the relationships that I build with many, many people who come to see me are extremely important to me.  That being said, I am very good at what I do, and provide a service (which is really what it is) that can't be found often.  I do charge a fee for my services, but I do not wish to distress anyone financially.  I wouldn't be a very good disciplinarian if I simply caused more problems!  I see many people who pay me more than I ask for, and many, many who pay me much less, because they sincerely need this caring accountability, and it is not in my nature to send them elsewhere to someone who may not be able to take care of them the way I know I can. 
If I had a nephew, cousin, etc, etc who needed exactly what I do, and he/she approached me, you bet I'd be there for them, and I'd treat them the same as I do the boys and girls who come to me with this same request.  It's what I do.
As far as control goes....well, my belief is that when one is seeking a disciplinarian, you get to know that person WELL.  You are allowing yourself to be completely physically and emotionally vulnerable to him or her.  By the same token, when you ask that trust of them, you give them your trust too, and by doing so, you relinquish all of your control.  I encourage my boys and girls to ask me anything and everything, and also to discuss concerns they have, whether it's the first time they are visiting or the 10th time.  I will always take into consideration the things they tell me, but ultimately, the sessions are done the way I feel they should be.
I am not magic, a miracle worker or a mind reader.  If you think you won't have to work to get the results you want with me, you're wrong.  Your success here depends on you.  I will not force anyone to cry.  If you do so, it is because you trust me enough to let down your walls and your defenses, so please don't ask me if I can "make you cry." 
Do I feel like "spanking is the answer?"  No.  I think it is the total experience that has the potential to make the difference, not one or two pieces of the experience. 
I will talk with you like you are important, because you are.  I will be respectful of you because you deserve it unless you prove otherwise, and I expect the same in return.  I will realize you are an adult with a life, though I do see the child within that needs the special care I provide.  I will hug you, I will hold you, I will comfort you in the way that a mother does or should.  I will give you time to speak to me about anything you wish without judging you in any way.
I will not role play.  There isn't anything wrong with it; I simply don't provide that.  I *feel* motherly with everyone.  It is in my nature to be that way.  I will not do anything sexual with you, which includes allowing you to masturbate and breastfeeding (yes, people ask me that).  This is not something I do to feed your fetish.  It goes well beyond that, and I completely, totally, utterly love what I do!
During a phone call, please do not treat me like your personal 900 number.  If I detect that you are engaging in sexual gratification while I explain what I do within my sessions, the call will end once I have made perfectly clear to you how inappropriate, crude and disrespectful that behavior is.    You're adults; act like it.
No, I do not switch with my clients and I will not make an exception for you, even if you are cute, charming or in your opinion, "a stellar spanker!"  So don't ask, please.
What I do in my home is my business, so I have no need to run out and tell my family and friends what I do.  This is something that is very difficult for vanillas to understand.  My sessions are done in private, in my home, and no one is present or home when I have them.