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Explanation of Disciplinary Services

What I Do and How I Do It


Spanking:  The spankings I give are real, just like you would have gotten it from your own mother, yet tailored to the needs of an adult.  There is no warm up and no safeword.  Role play is not a part of what I do; I just *feel* motherly toward everyone!

Scolding:  I do scold, but in a caring, gentle way, throughout the discipline session.  I am never cruel or loud, nor do I seek to humiliate anyone. Embarrassment in this situation is nature of the beast.

Corner Time:  I do not use the corner as a punishment all on it's own usually.  Instead, it is utilized as another implement, one for reflection about your behavior or your mindset in preparing to be disciplined.  It brings everything into focus on what's happening to you in this moment.

Please do not inform me that you need your mouth soaped, or you need an enema, or you think you need a "really good scolding just in case you screw up."  This feeds right into a <role> play situation, and once again, I do not provide role play or "scenarios".  I am adept at what I do and if you put your trust in me, I will do my best to provide you with what *I* feel you need at any given time, after we discuss things.  Remember, I'm trying to *help* you with whatever it is you need help with, even if it is *just* to alleviate your stress.  Trust is key.