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Client Comments


**NEW** Michelle, I want to express how nice and wonderful it was meeting you today. The conversation, your insights and of course the spanking were great. So I do not forget, I meant to tell you that at one point when you were touching with one hand and had your other hand in the middle of my back I really felt it connecting and a kind of a transfer of energy. Never felt that before. I truly enjoyed our connection and look forward to exploring in the future. My spanking, in a word, marvelous. Thank you again for taking such excellent care of me. I've found myself thinking about that afternoon as I drift off to sleep most nights. It was exhilarating, liberating, refreshing and sensual -- all at once. I was so nervous, excited and anxious. Once the spanking commenced, I felt much more at ease. My muscles relaxed. The tension in my body faded. The therapeutic strapping was excellence. The way it started, slow, than you increased the speed, then in reverse with the deep breathing. WOW! The whole combination of being rubbed and touched on my back, neck and head as you spanked me definitely helped bring about that sense of tranquility." Thank you for being you, listening, understanding what I needed. I will be back to see you. Very soon I'm hoping... Thanks, Ted


Simply put, the session I had with you exceeded my expectations in every way.  I had read your website thoroughly before contacting you.

One thing I read, but didn't really understand, was how you feel and seem motherly to people. I was skeptical I suppose and just took your saying that as something to draw in spankos who desire this dynamic.  Upon meeting you, however, you made it clear what you had meant effortlessly. I now completely agree that you are quite motherly! (And wonderful in every way!) You made me feel very comfortable leading up to and during our session. You are very genuine and kind. I was thrilled with how present I felt throughout the session, and how you made me feel very comfortable to be myself.  The talk therapy part of the session was as deeply received as the spanking part. I feel like our next session will be even better now that we've gotten to know each other.

...I am a woman with a family to take care of, two jobs and missing discipline, guidance and clarity and direction in my life.  I do believe I have better clarity in my life at this time...will I go back to Michelle..yes, without a doubt!


...If I had to sum it up in one sentence, I think I have better clarity in my life right now. Things that, for lack of a better word, keep me blocked for weeks, months, years from getting them done have been a lot easier.  Usually, I can rationalize anything and keep myself from doing what I need to do.  I thought that the physical aspect of the spanking would be the main inhibition from getting back into the old rut I was in.  While, it's not something I will soon forget, I think the things we talked about before and after were the things that really helped me. 


  I just wanted to thank you again for a very fulfilling spanking session.  It was good to have a nice chat before getting to 'business'.    And the 'business' was quite something!  I have never been spanked so hard before.  It was very intense and took my mind off everything else in the world.  I am still surprised at how hard you can spank without hurting your own hands.  It's just amazing.  The redness and soreness in my bottom were souvenirs which helped me remember a great session long afterwards.  I am looking forward to the next time I get up to Flint for another session.


I wanted to get back to you sooner but this is the first chance I’ve had to respond. I was quite nervous leading up to the session since it was my first real life adult spanking but you made me feel completely at ease once I arrived. Thank you for that. You are such a kind person and very easy to talk to. I was also really nervous about how the spanking itself would go. I’ve wanted to be spanked for such a long time and as a spanko yourself, I’m sure you know how much you can think about it. Well I started to worry about what if after years of dreaming of being spanked, I didn’t like the experience? What if it didn’t measure up to all of my expectations? That could be rough to take considering all the emotional commitment I have to spanking. Well, the session was wonderful. It exceeded my expectations 10 times over and it was a relief to know that after the spanking, I would still want to be spanked again. In fact once I got to the office, despite my sore bottom, that’s all I could think about. I had a meeting when I got back but I could hardly focus. I kept thinking about you spanking me.


Now the spanking itself was quite a surprise. I definitely did not expect it to hurt so much. Even your hand over my jeans hurt. But when you pulled down my jeans and underwear and began spanking my bare bottom, I was in a little shock at how much it hurt. At first I really wanted you to stop but I’m glad you didn’t. I truly needed a real life spanking, and you certainly know how to give one. And once the shock wore off of how much you can sting my bum with just your hand, then came the belt. OOWWWW!!! I was definitely not expecting that to hurt as much as it did. But again, I’m learning to accept that as part of the real spanking. The experience has created an odd duality for me. On the one hand I really would like to be spanked by you again when I need it. On the other hand, I fear that same spanking. I suppose this is exactly the way it should be.


The thing that surprised me most about the session however was how much I liked your comforting gestures immediately after the spanking, hugging me, stroking my hair, and rubbing my sore bottom as I laid on the bed. I was not expecting to feel this way. This is not something I had ever thought about with spanking. This might be because most of the spankings I witnessed were punishment spankings where my aunt was reacting to something (back talk, disobeying, breaking something). Once the spanking was over, Aunt Karen would just send my cousin(s) to their room. I never witnessed any hugging after the spankings. Now as I mentioned, my aunt did give disciplinary spankings where she’d send my cousins to their rooms to wait for her, sometimes after being told to get the belt or ‘the stick’ which she kept hanging on a hook at the top of the basement stairs (I think I mentioned this). These ‘disciplinary’ spankings seemed to be for offenses that were committed earlier. For example, my cousin Thomas once received this type of ‘disciplinary’ spanking for a really bad report card. Now, since these spankings always occurred behind a closed door, I don’t know if my aunt did provide some comforting gestures afterwards or not. Consequently it’s not something I ever thought about much when thinking about spanking. But it did feel good, and enabled me to calm down after the spanking.


 I’m very much in need of the kind of domestic discipline you can deliver. Your ability to deliver a serious, real spanking that really hurts yet immediately afterwards become so comforting is such a wonderful gift. It’s a new type of spanking experience I hadn’t fully considered but enjoyed tremendously.


I’m sorry for the long reply but if you haven’t already noticed, I’m a talker. Anyway, thank you again Michelle. You giving me my first real spanking was a truly wonderful experience. I’ll think about it often and long for the next time. I wish we lived closer together.


I don't know how to begin to express what is going on inside me right now. For the last few weeks I have been a mess. I know you already know that. I wanted and needed to see you just to have the hug that I knew you would give me. I also dreaded going to see you. I thought that you were really mad and disappointed. I didn't care or worry about the spanking, I knew that you were in control of it and my actions were the cause of it. I just didn't want to face you with all we went through in the last weeks. But I also was in need of it all to be worked out. I knew you would forgive me. I know I can do better.   

I didn't expect to have to take so much. I thought it was normal to fall back into old habits and that is why we all come to see you. I guess I was wrong. I knew it was going to hurt, it should, but omg! Right from the first spank, I was shocked. I cannot believe a wooden spoon could hurt so bad. I kept thinking about the pain. I couldn't stand it and you kept paddling away and I tried to get up but you were too strong. I tried to stop you with my hand and you smacked my hand. I felt safe but felt like you were not backing down. It was weird though, because as soon as I gave up and accepted it thinking "I should have listened", without the excuses or trying to get out of it, you stopped. I was sure it was over until I was over the couch. That hurt so bad that I couldn't think a thing, only listen and try not to run away. The cane scared me so bad and hurt too. This too was odd in the way that when my mind finally got to the point where I was thinking "I'm so sorry, I am so sorry, I will do better" you stopped. I was glad you gave me a hug first. I really tried to stay there. It hurt so bad. It was my first spanking for blood sugar stuff. I think I bit off a big bite, thinking 2 times a day was a goal for now, on the other hand I need to obey and never want a cane again. And the health stuff is important. 

    The reason I write this is because I think you should know what went on in my head. I hated that you made me lay down and rest after but I needed it. I needed to relax and stop for a few seconds. How did you know when to stop? how did you know I needed to rest after? I didn't know that. talking after was good. I needed to reconnect and see forgiveness in your eyes. I did. You are the best Michelle. I want to thank you for not stopping when I was not ready. You have a gift. That was not the part I wanted to share mostly though. I wanted you to know that through the pain of every bump along the way, I felt a calm I have never felt. I was at peace. All my stress was gone. I could have slept. I felt like I was on a calming drug. My racing thoughts were gone. No worry either. And the amazing thing is that I am still feeling calm. I am relaxed.

    My bottom is really bruised and welted and it hurts still, but I am so grateful that it dulls the pain. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I will be on time. I checked my sugar today twice and last night too. I am not going to be disrespectful to anyone. Even by what I say. Thank you so much. how could I ever pay you back? You gave me so much.


I always look forward to our getting together - it's a great time to talk about things I may or may not feel comfortable talking to others about. So far, it's a guarantee that whatever issues are on the table are no longer going to be there when it's all said and done..haha. I guess a third time is a charm realizing that I'm not going to be able to finagle my way out of the consequences of the issue at hand. I don't know why I do it , I guess I've successfully done it my entire life - although since we've starting meeting, I have come to discover that without the consequence and forgiveness there isn't true healing. You won't see me blowing off issues that I needed to be working on all along anymore - and I am sorry I caused you to have to be severe to get the message across. Your saying you are disappointed in me can sting almost worse than that strap thingy. It may be a little early to call in the jury, but I've not touched my cellphone, iTouch, or computer in the car since our meeting.

Oh gosh, I did do some pouting, didn't I? And although it wasn't exactly a waterfall, I did manage to let my emotions flow without trying to stop and hide it. I never knew that crying could be a great stress relief. It puzzles me why it was so frowned upon growing up. Although I probably have a long way to go in that department, it's at least a start - I can start working on not hiding behind a laugh and a smile. It's not always been a bad thing, and it's gotten me through some difficult things - but it's nice to feel that it's okay to cry.


I meant to write you earlier in the day in response to your email about the guy telling you that you were an "amateur" because you didn't have any videos. He was so wrong. In my opinion, your profile says it all (so does your picture) about what it is that you are about and the care and mentoring that you provide. I don't need to see any videos to get that. I think by NOT having videos or images of the spankings, you seperate yourself from the other sites or services that are out there...and believe me, I've looked. You are a unique person with a genuine care giving quality that is extremely rare. I hate to keep repeating myself but you have changed my life in the most positive way...and in record time. Who would have thought that after only meeting you two times, you would have such an impact on me and how I perceive myself? I thank you and I think everyone around me will benefit from it also.  You mean the world to me and I will not forget it. I know what you do, with traveling and all, can't be easy some times


 I just wanted to say I wish I could come back for a second round tomorrow!  I really loved talking with you and also the hugs, specially the hug right after where my pants were still down and you had me knee next to the bed.  I am soar and will have bruises for a week or so but I would go over your lap again right now if I could.


wow... OR should i say OWWWWWWWW!!.. just staring at my red butt in AWE!.. What a great experience Michelle, you are truly one of a kind. Spanking or not you are a very special and unique person. I dont say that lightly, in the short time we spent together you made a very profound mark on me(not just my bottom:)))))))))))))********* you'll be fresh on my brain for a LONNNNNG time!..And thats a good thing! lololol. I Really hope to see you again.


I have to say that it took me a while until that whole experience sank in and I fully realised that meeting you was actually one of defining moments of my life. You might think that I am exaggerating but it’s true.. I have been looking for person like you for many years and at the time it was quite frustrating but eventually I have managed to find you and it has proved two things to me. There are more people like me (I really like that one) and the other thing is that I can achieve whatever I want if I put enough effort and time into it. And I believe that above knowledge will influence me in a good way in the future if it hasn’t already…


Michelle you are such a  nice person that I would like to keep in touch with you even if you were no disciplinarian so you can imagine how happy I am that you actually are :o) You are very natural extremely perceptive and easy to talk to you made me feel very comfortable from the first moment we met. The fact that you are also very motherly person (I really felt that) makes me trust you and I am very happy that you are keen to keep in touch and effectively also mentor me. If it is OK with you I will make another trips to America next year to meet you in person. I really liked to talk to you and even though the spanking was hard (as it should be) the overall experience was very fulfilling which actually proves that I need it.


I want to express my appreciation for the coaching and discipline

you provided me with this week. The way you have forgiven me and nurtured me to

wellness will be remembered always.  Your excellent listening style,kind and

caring manner,are truly extraordinary......I hope that we can meet on a regular

basis.  I would like you to be my coach and disciplinarian. The feelings of

safety and protection enveloped me so completely as we talked. Thank you for

firmly disciplining me. I feel at peace with myself and those around me. I am

very optimistic about my future. It's great to be understood.


All I can say is "OH MY". I, along with him underestimated your ability to be very strict. I could not have been happier with his bottom, but it is the person that came home that impressed me the most. He walked in to the house went right over to me and apologized for his immature behavior, and vowed to become a better husband and father. As I told you, I have been spanking him for years, but, I have never been able to punish him as you did to day. I know you must think I am some kind of monster, believe me I am not. I am so greatful to you. Even if it is until his hiney is healed, which will be a good week, that is more peace than I have head in years. He is upstairs working on his contract, and he wants to talk to the kids tonight after dinner. He was shaken to the core, believe me. 

 I thank you from the bottom of my heart, not just for the beating, but for the wonderful influence you have bestowed on my husband and our family. It will be a long road, hw vows never to get a beating like that again, the odds are he will be over your knee like last time, but that will  hopefully be a good thing. I truly hope you enjoy your evening, I will mine, solely because of you.