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A Caring, Nurturing Environment

I am a wife, a mother and a life coach for adult males and females (18+).  I provide those who need it with caring, firm accountability in a safe, discreet environment.  It is my goal to encourage and support each person who visits me with the tools to become a better, happier, more productive adult.  Sometimes, that involves simply clearing your mind, and relieving your stress. 

It is my belief that no one outgrows the need to be held accountable, hugged, to be listened to unconditionally.  These are needs that are often overlooked and dismissed, when in fact, it would be a less selfish, less inconsiderate, more loving world if people knew they had someone on their side to guide them a bit, to praise them when they did well and redirect them and provide perspective when they faltered and admittedly needed it.  Maybe it isn't for everyone, but for those who admit they get overwhelmed by life sometimes, it can seem heaven sent...and a great burden relieved from them.  Is that you?

A Session With Michelle

Long Distance Life Coaching with Michelle



Top 5 reasons to visit a maternal life coach:

1.  To relieve stress in your life that comes as a result of simply being an adult.

2.  To work on behaviors or habits that are important to you.

3.  To maintain a good focus in your life, keeping you from feeling overwhelmed.

4.  To recapture that loving, maternal environment and accountability you grew up with, or dreamed about.

5.  To have a solid relationship with someone who can guide you, and not feel like you are "on the clock."